A self-taught oil painter with the realization of her talents during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Ahonoukoun's work and talent have skyrocketed her career in the last three years, garnering her international recognition and praise from collectors and institutions around the globe. A powerhouse of a self-promoter and expert in the value of branding, she's amassed a following of dutiful collaborators and is placed within countless private collections. 

"One of my biggest passions is truly to engage into great conversations about life, art, and empowerment. I am lucky enough to have great relationships not only with fellow artists, art dealers, gallerists, art lovers & collectors but most importantly business people who have been doing business for way longer than me.". 

On her inspiration from Monet, she states "Claude Monet is the only painter who has of today, makes me cry every single time I see one of his paintings up close. I have such a “spiritual” connection with him that when I paint, I also feel his presence." That deep undercurrent of inspiration has also landed her a coveted space in an upcoming residency in New York's "Monet's Gardens", an interactive, 360-degree exhibition exploring some of the most famous works by the French Impressionist spanning his iconic career. Kim's own work will be featured and on view in the exhibit this spring, including a series of live painting sessions for guests and visitors. 

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”